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Although it is not quite clear where the Scottish Clan Badges and Coat of Arms originated from, but according to Family Crest Etc it was sometime during the Middle Ages. According to legend, a Coat of Arms was worn to distinguish between friends and enemies. Before the Coat of Arms, it was very difficult to identify the knights. Back then, a Coat of Arms was also used to protect the armor worn in the medieval battlefields.

Thankfully, people no longer have to wear Coat of Arms, but they are still a valued piece of family history. If you would like to order a Coat of Arms to celebrate your family name, pay a visit to Family Crest Etc at the top of Mount Ober in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee or sign up online and order your Coat of Arms, Scottish Clan Badge or Family Name History.

Celebrate your family with the help of Family Crest Etc.