3’x5′ Flag – Ireland Erin Go Bragh

Ireland Erin Go Bragh

The Green Flag was widely carried during the rebellion of 1798 – often with the motto of the United Irishmen, ‘Éire go brách’ (‘Ireland forever’), below the harp. The poet Mícheál Óg Ó Longáin, a United Irishman, wrote as follows in that year:

Go bhfeiceam Éire saor gan daoirse
Is an bhratainn uaine in uachtar scaoilte,
Gach tíoránach claoincheardach coimhtheach
In ainm an diabhail is gan Dia dá gcoimhdeacht.
(May I see Ireland free and without oppression
And the green flag flying on high,
With every treacherous foreign tyrant
In hell and with no protection from God.)



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